BOE won BEST OF SHOW AWARD Grand Prix in DSJ2018

In the Japan's biggest signage exhibition `2018 Digital Signage Japan` (forJune, 2018 13th-15th Makuhari Messes), BOE won the BEST OF SHOW AWARD GrandPrix for the second consecutive year following 2017.BOE Grand Prix was chosen as the best of the total completeness in a booth concept, systems, apparatuses, services, contents, and a booth design from an point of view `Signage`. Based on 8K , IoT, cloud, the theme proposed a signage solution `to attract you with the best expressive power`. The highlight is that a large screen 8 K SIGN system and Six independent video walls with the interlocked 8 K original contents create a dynamic and overwhelming video space that also incorporates the surrounding space. In addition, rhythmically arranging IoT View `picture frame` on the left and right front of the booth is creating a next generation store signage with fashionable and beautiful video delivery. Including also `8K video distribution system` and `IoT interactive transparent display system` , BOEdoes not remain to a passive display business, BOE will propose the system solution that consistency developed and produced in-house including displays, contents, and delivery service






4th floor, Shinagawa Eastone tower, 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan