At the 1st UHD Equipment Expo (April 4 - 6, 2018, Tokyo Big Sight), BOE proposed a innovative system that can deliver amazing 8K video to anywhere in the world, and gave the great attention and excitement.

8K broadcasting is scheduled for practical broadcasting only in Japan in December 2018. Whether people all over the world can experience 8K is still unknown. We created a very compact 8K decode player and made it connected with the BOE 8K distribution system, so that now, even in countries without 8K broadcasting people can enjoy the excitement of the 8K beyond real in sports, signage, education, medical care and so on. We will realize this total solution from Video production, Encoding, and Delivery to Operation. With this platform, video production and customers will be connected, it contributes to the spread of 8K in terms of software, too. At the BOE booth, 8K camera capturing live video of female model was distributed to 8K Decode Player connected by just one network cable. Its innovative solution and clear picture more than real made visitors give a surprised voice. In addition, we delivered 28 versatile 8K contents from 8K Decode Players to 220 inch video wall "BOE 8 KSIGN", and 4 units of world largest 8K 110 inch and 98 inch monitors. It created 8 K excitement space in the booth.






4th floor, Shinagawa Eastone tower, 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan