BOE 8K Provide You With Ultimate Satisfaction


    IoT Interactive Display System

    Transparency Opens The Future Vista

    BOE has combined the network connection and transparent display that can be seen inner side of the LCD with interactive multi-touch function. It creates fun and interesting to access various services and information around the world while looking at actual things. It raise the value of existing products and it may innovate our lifestyle in near future.


    - High transmittance rate, 9%
    - Full HD resolution(1,920 × 1,080)
    - High Contrast ratio, 1,200 : 1
    - Wide viewing angle, Horizontal/Vertical 178°
    - Low power consumption, 9W


    8K SALON

    8K Salon opened. Please come prepared to be amazed by the new 98inch Screen


      98inch 8K LCD Display

      8K with Ultimate Satisfaction

      BOE express the overwhelming realism of 8K contents through the 98inch LCD display, wide viewing angle, ultra thin & lightweight slim design. It will contribute to the early spread of 8K generation.


      - 8K, Ultra high resolution (7,680RGBx4,320)
      - 98 inch large screen
      - High brightness, 500cd
      - Wide viewing angle, Horizontal/Vertical 178°
      - DVI input (x16)
      - Light weight, under 200kg
      - Driving voltage, 100-264V
      - Low power consumption, under 1,200W
      - Convertible 4K signal to 8K


      BOE Technology Group was awarded the Grand Prix at the CEATEC2015 Lifestyle Innovation Stage.

        Company Profile

        BOE Japan Co.,Ltd.

        BOE Japan is a member of BOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO .,LTD, located in Beijing, China.

        November, 2011

        4th floor, Shinagawa Eastone tower, 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

        Sales of LCD display and devices、Promotion of OEM/ODM for LCD TVs and Monitors、Sales of 8K LCD display、Development of new application(signage, medical, vehicle, mobile, etc.,)

        Happiness on Display

        Join BOE, and help us leave the world better than we found it.







        4th floor, Shinagawa Eastone tower, 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan